Liam Baylor was born in Cork, Ireland, He studied Chroist Ri, the Cork Institute of Technology and UCC. He studied engineering, business management, sales & marketing.

 Liam Baylor is a Business and Marketing Consultant with 30 years experience in business management, sales & marketing, business development and website design, Liam developed Four companies from Start up in Ireland. Southern Telecom, Ecora Software and Hiperformance digital media, he was operation manager for the startup of Yachting International Ireland, He was instrumental in bringing Ecora to Ireland setting up their European Sales HQ and Distribution network including a Technical Support centre,  He is experienced in managing multiple branch offices and associated staff. He has developed sales of software and bespoke products for the I.T and construction industry.

Owner and founder (2010) of Hiperformancewww.hiperformance.ie a Online Business Marketing and Business Development Company with expertise in digital marketing multimedia, and Blarney Web Design www.blarneywebdesign.com  specialist in designing websites that work in all platforms (P.C’s, phones, Tablet’s & TV’s), search engine optimisation, SEM, website maintenance, digital marketing, marketing videos, sales & marketing training, social media marketing training and information technology applications. Hiperformance products include; HiPerformance online network (local town websites online) www.hiperformance.biz and ViewMyHome viewmyhome.ie  a sales support tool for property and tourism property owners,

HiPerformance Online Network

Hiperformance Online Network is a network of town business websites online through Ireland. If you do business in or your business is located in a geographical area then you should consider joining our online network, See www.corkonline.biz or www.blarneyonline.com. Our online network is for local people finding local businesses.

Digital Online Marketing Media

Online Business Marketing, Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing & Set-up (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), Website Performance diagonostics, email Marketing, E-Marketing & Facebook Campaigns, website testing, Youtube Marketing, Data Base Building, CRM, PC set-up,  IT system’s Configuration, Digital Media testing are all part of the HiPerformance suite.

From basic PC training to full Digital Media Training and Web design for your business Liam Baylor ensures you can successfully use information technology and social media. Learn how to market your business through social media, send bulk e-mails, create e-zines and blogs. Learn to use google adwords to promote your business and use google analytics to monitor your website performance. This hands-on practical training course is aimed directly at your staff in the front line.  HiPerformance Training will build a training program to suit your business needs and deliver the training program in your work environment

Website Design

Website’s designed to reflect your business needs, Liam specialises in building websites that work in all platforms (P.C’s, phones, Tablet’s & TV’s), that are capable of being search engine optimised SEO, SEM, and are easily maintained.

Video Marketing

People are vastly preferring video to traditional text online and many organisations from large to small are developing video marketing content for that space. The benefits are tangible; companies are seeing direct sales and benefits from video marketing. Companys are using video to explain their website contant, to sell their products on line and create a company image profile. HiPerformance produces videos for the your marketing needs.

Sports Videos

SportsCam are a sport performance analysing Videos designed to help coaches achive maximum potential of their athletes and teams. Other products  include RefCam and video productions sport performances with up to 4 cameras available, gives you the possibility look at every angle. In some cases it would mean wiring the coach / player or referee to a microphone connect to the camera while the team/ athlete are playing/ performing, the coach will then give instructions to the players/ athletes via the video recording on how he/she would like them to proceed with the play/ performance. On play-back the team/ athlete can review their performance and hear the instructions from their coach. With Hiperformance.sport products you can analyse / review your performance results with your coach at any time. Finding the areas to improve is made easy. Visit www.sportscam.ie for more information.