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SportsCam is the sport performance analysing video section of the company. Its products that include RefCam Playercam and video productions sport performances with up to 4 cameras available, gives you the possibility look at every angle. In some cases it would mean wiring the coach / player or referee to a microphone connect to the camera while the team/ athlete are playing/ performing, the coach will then give instructions to the players/ athletes via the video recording on how he/she would like them to proceed with the play/ performance. On play-back the team/ athlete can review their performance and hear the instructions from their coach. With products you can analyse / review your performance results with your coach at any time. Finding the areas to improve is made easy,

Rugby Referee Fitness Drills:  (click on the link) 1.Warm-Up,  2.Ladders,  3.Hurdles,  4.Backward shuttles,  5.Beaver,

6.The CG Drill,  7.The CG Drill rev,  8.Diagonal sidestep,  9.Referee rucking,  10.Figure 8,  11. 20mtr sprint drill,  12.i drill,

13.Shuttles,  14.Sprint session 1.  15.Sprint session 2,  16.Sprint session 3,  17. Reverse shuttles,  18.Sprint shuttles,

19.Endurance session,  20.Tough session 1,  21.Tough session 2,  22.Warm down. is the top supplier of referee RefCam videos for performance analysing, we work with Munster Association of Referees and the I.R.F.U. Visit 

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Cork Walks 

‘ alt=walk title=walk v:shapes=”_x0000_i1026″> Gougane Barra walk   –  Blarney to Waterloo walk and Waterloo church   –   Blarney Wildlife Sanctuary walk   –

Cork City Westloop Walk including UCC   –  Cork City West walk Bishoptown to Lee fields